LUMI Sense Light

LUMI sense light glows with just the right amount of illumination to find your way in the dark. With a comfortable, carefully chosen color temperature of 2800K, you will never find it dazzling, only handy and comfortable.

  • Easy installation:  The provided hook allows you to hang it inside your closet, while the adhesives on the base enable you to stick it on the wall

  • Dual-sensored: LUMI sense light comes with two sensors: a motion detection sensor and a light sensor. After being set to AUTO mode, it will automatically turn on to show you the way when you pass it in the dark.

  • Rechargeable: While most of the other sense lights consume dry cells, LUMI sense light relies on a rechargeable lithium battery, saving you six batteries a year. Not only does it save your costs, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

LUMI Sense Light

  • Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 28mm

    Weight: 69 g

    Rated power: 0.5 W

    Standby current: ≤0.5 mA

    Battery capacity: 600 mAh

    Luminous flux: 40 lm

    Color temperature: 3,000K

    Charging duration: 2.5 hours

    Constant-on duration: 13 hours

  • Working temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C

    Working humidity: ≤80% RH

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