Motion Sensor

Adaprox motion sensor will be your best guard for detecting human motions. It will monitor the environmental heat and infrared, and reports when a rapid change is detected.

  • Reliable and fast reaction: the built-in IR sensor is sensitive to environmental heat and infrared. Within seconds after your movement, you will get a notification on your phone and your preset automation will be triggered. 

  • Home automation: working with other Adaprox products, various automation can be achieved: ring an alarm to deterrent intruders when motion detected in the backyard at late-night; turn on the light with 10% of brightness when you go to the bathroom at night…...

  • Compact but wide-ranged: With a size smaller than an egg, the Adaprox human motion sensor can cover up to 125m3 of your home space. 

  • Easy setup: follow the pairing instructions in the App, and start enjoying in less than a minute.

  • Easy installation: just peel off the adhesive at the base and place it wherever you want in your house. The sensor can be detached from the base for battery replacement.

  • History tracking: Adaprox Motion Sensor will report its status change to the cloud, and you can always check the status history on your phone

  • Long battery life: one dry cell is enough for 2 years of use

Motion Sensor

  • Dimensions: 48.8 x 48.8 x 53.4mm

    Weight: 61 g

    Detection radius: 8 m

    Detection angle: 90°

    Recommended installation height: 2.2 m

    Wireless protocol: Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4 2.4GHz

    Working voltage: DC 3V

    Battery type: CR123A

  • Working temperature: -10 °C ~ 55 °C

    Working humidity: ≤80%RH

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