Fingerbot ToolPack

Adaprox Fingerbot ToolPack is an extension kit of Fingerbot. With several carefully designed arms and accessories, Fingerbot will support a wider range of scenarios. It contains a rocker arm, a ring arm, straight arms with different lengths, two cushion blocks, and 3M tapes.

  • Rocker arm: Enables Fingerbot to control rocker switches. Fingerbot will be able to not only push down the switch but also to pull it up.

  • Ring arm: Enables Fingerbot to control toggle switches. 

  • Different straight arms: Allow Fingerbot to work with unusual buttons of different sizes.

  • Cushion blocks: Allow Fingerbot to be installed upside down for a better experience when needed.

  • 3M tapes: The customized tapes are necessary when moving your Fingerbot to another place.

Fingerbot ToolPack


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