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PTZ Camera

Keep track of what matters most at home. Get alerts to your phone whenever any motion is captured on the camera. Access the Adaprox Home App and live stream whatever is happening in the room. Be able to check-in anytime of the day or night.


Perfect for removing odors and relieving stress, the oil diffuser fills the environment with fragrance and moisture. Power the diffuser on and off, control the LED mood lights, or set the soothing mist on a timer all from your smartphone.


Fingerbot is a tiny robot for smartly controlling any buttons and switches. It can be attached to any surface and smartly control your unconnected appliances with magic robotic "Click". Switch lights via App, activate vacuum with voice, and remotely power on your office PC. Now all these become effortless with Fingerbot.

Fingerbot Bridge

Working with the bridge, Fingerbot can be controlled remotely from anywhere on the planet via the Internet. All the cloud services such as cloud scheduling and voice control will be available for Fingerbot.

Plug EU

Start your humidifier before you even get home. Turn on a fan or a lamp. Just plug anything into the Adaprox Plug and turn it on and off from anywhere with the Adaprox Home App. Paired with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, you can control your electronics with just the power of your voice.

LED Lightstrip

Add even more color to your life with the Adaprox Wi-Fi LED Lightstrip. Create rich, indirect light scenes in your bedroom, living room, on your patio or deck and anywhere in your home where you would like to add a creative lighting touch. Each lightstrip allows for millions of color combinations and the ability to adjust from soft white to daylight.

LED Bulb

Experience the ultimate convenience in home lighting with the Adaprox multicolored Wi-Fi LED Light Bulbs. With a wide range of colors and dimming capabilities, Adaprox multicolor LED smart light bulbs offers endless lighting possibilities. You can easily control these LED smart bulbs from across the room or the country with your voice or the Adaprox Home App, so you can choose a color for any occasion.

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